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High achiever mindset

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I'm Isaac Teyssier, expert in the internal workings of the mind. I've created a process to help leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to excel by removing internal resistances.

I'm Isaac Teyssier, expert in the internal workings of the mind. I've created a process to help leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to excel by removing internal resistances.

The psychology of success and fulfillment:
3 steps to experience a quantum shift in 14 days.


Become a powerful high achiever.


Hi there! Are you a high-achiever who is shooting for the moon?

You are passionate about what you do and have clearly defined goals and dreams. Yet it doesn't go as fast as you wish...

Maybe you think that there is something missing, that you need something external to you like a new course to feel ready to move to the next step.

Or do you feel a slight anxiety, like something is holding you back internally? You make some progress but fall back to your old familiar routine again and again.

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

You have everything inside you to make a quantum leap forward and be fulfilled right now: your mind and heart.

It is only when our mind is disconnected from our heart that we feel hesitant. We rely on old limiting beliefs and feel stuck because they are the only blueprint available to us at that very moment.

The key is to create a new internal blueprint for success. A blueprint that is tuned with your highest aspirations.

This is not only possible but can also easily be done. Once you understand and master the hidden mechanisms of your mind you'll be able to:

Shift to a new blueprint.

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1 - Become powerful - master your intellectual and emotional drivers to live in the flow.

2 - Know what to do - find and implement the 1 thing that will get you the result you want.

3 - Know what you truly want - what would fulfill you? What is success?

4 - Be unstoppable - remove fear, doubt, and worry.

5 - Enjoy what you want to do - reprogram your nervous system's response to pleasure instead of pain.

6 - Break free from inner resistances, including a traumatic memory in 2 to 30 days.

7 - Live a healthier and more fulfilling life - replace disempowering habits with empowering habits.

8 - Show up confidently in all circumstances - make tough decisions with ease and follow through.

9 - Unleash your potential - remove effortlessly those deeply ingrained limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

10 - Attract new opportunities by shifting to a new internal blueprint.

"I was skeptical, I have degrees from Harvard Business School and MIT so, generally speaking, I believe that I can just power my way through pretty much any obstacle that I might encounter". 

Stever Robbins

"Isaac is a very good coach in helping you to perform at your best because he is linking good feelings to your focus points... I can see what he is doing because I have 25 years of experience in resolving trauma".

Hans Velders

"After two sessions already this backpack was completely gone, it vanished and got resolved. I don’t have to look back again. It helped a lot in my business to be able to more easily get to my skills".

Jorg Verhoeven Bon

You are guided every step of the way.


Process: Shift to a new internal blueprint.

Step 1: Get clarity about what you truly want.

Step 2: Break free from resistance.

Step 3: Rewire your brain for success.

Goal: Become successful and fulfilled.

As a high achiever, you might be tempted to do it all on your own. I've worked with people who are the best in their field and even they were able to get unstuck and move faster as the result.

family- remake.jpeg

What do you truly want?

Familiarity is a powerful force. We tend to go toward what is familiar and away from what is unfamiliar. The first step of the process is to become familiar with what you truly want. How does it feel?

Break free from resistance.

At each level of being you have action promoters (green light) and action inhibitors (red light). The key to being in the flow is to switch all the red lights to green lights regarding your goals.

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Imagine how fun and easy your life will be once you learn how to effortlessly switch any red light to green. What is the first thing that you are going to do once your limitations are gone?

Rewire your brain for success.


The greatest lie that you might be telling yourself is, "I need something external to be happy".

What do you think will fulfill you? Maybe a new house, a better relationship, or achieving new professional heights.

This belief is not only false, but it is also the greatest roadblock to your success.

Going after your goals in a lack way will only create more lack. If you don't feel whole and complete right now internally, nothing external will help long term.

So what will?

The feeling of being fulfilled is just a state. A state of abundance.

The key is to learn how to modulate your state independently of outside circumstances. This happens automatically in the process of shifting to your new internal blueprint. 

When you take action from a state of abundance, people can feel that you don't need anything from them and that you are here to give.
You shine freely, you are completely detached from the outcome, and success becomes easy.

Start your journey.

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