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Discover a proven 5 step framework to lead your most purposeful life without self-sabotage.


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Do you want an unfair advantage in your success journey? You'll love this story:

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You see, for many years now I've been trying to solve a mystery...


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I've spent more than 12724 hours researching, crafting, and testing my processes, on myself and others, to answer ONE question:

How can one achieve total success and fulfillment?

I wanted to understand the universal principles of success!


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Was it an easy task? You bet it wasn't! I failed, and failed, and failed again to create my framework. Spending thousands of dollars and countless hours in total uncertainty.

There were many times when I felt stuck, hopeless, and disheartened... 


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But remembering the results I helped people achieve with my research kept me going:

"Within two days I was making progress on something that has been stalled for almost a year".


Stever Robbins - CEO

"I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I rely on myself more. It is a fast effective method for transformation. It's wonderful"!
Elda Dorren - Coach

"After two sessions already this backpack was completely gone, it vanished and got resolved".
Jorg Verhoeven Bon - Consultant


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Hi, my name is Isaac Teyssier by the way!

You might be wondering, "why am I sharing all of this with you"?

You see, my search isn't over, and I want to give you an opportunity to be part of it...

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Along the way, I've accumulated 48 secrets that have made all the difference for me and my clients.

And every time I have an epiphany I put what I've discovered in a secure vault.


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We are talking about things like :

How do you monetize your passion in 30 days?

How to make people want to buy?

The #1 reason people self-sabotage.

... and more!

Can you imagine how your life would be if you could figure out just ONE of these things?


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What if you could experience the same "aha moments" as I did without spending thousands of dollars and countless hours testing and failing?

That's why I created, the "Spark of Genius" secret server, where I regularly upload detailed explanations of my best epiphanies.

Do you want access?


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What would your life look like if you used just one of the 48 secrets you are about to discover?

  • How to utilise this proven 5 steps framework to succeed in any area of life, without self-sabotage!

  • The critical questions you have to ask yourself to know your life's purpose.

  • 3 powerful mindset tweaks to instantly double your confidence.

  • A simple, straightforward checklist to know in advance if you are going to fail or succeed.

  • Why affirmations fire back for most people and the secret to make them work for you.

  • The #1 characteristic that all successful people have in common (not what you think).

  • Behind-the-scenes of how I help my clients get extraordinary results in half the time.

  • How to be persuasive and get what you want without being manipulative.

  • The little change that will make big differences in your relationships.

  • The #1 reason people self-sabotage and the key to have your mind work for you instead of against you.

And the best part?
Discover the first secret for FREE today! All you have to do is click the button below to claim your 7-day FREE trial.
If you decide to continue, the investment is only  7€ a month, cancel anytime.
Sounds more than fair?


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Ready to ignite your potential?

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