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High achiever mindset

Momentum Challenge

Achieve A Quantum Leap In Just 7 Days, Eliminate Your n°1 Roadblock, And Sustain Momentum WithOUT Willpower

Want to accelerate your momentum to:

Get a breakthrough in the first 48h?
Save a ton of time and energy?
Keep success light and fun?

Testimonial by Stever Robbins

Want an "unfair advantage" in your success journey?

Would having consistent momentum help you reach your goals?
How to show up as your most confident self and crush it every single day?

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions... but you know you have what it takes for astonishing success?

If so, then you're going to LOVE the Momentum Challenge that's changing productivity for good!

 Limited spots available.

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My name is Isaac

This is my personal invite for you to experience something I call the momentum challenge...

Because you answered "YES" to any of the questions above I know something about you...

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS...

And you know that the right way to do it is to keep the momentum going!

But, a few simple things are holding you back... and it isn't happening as quickly as you'd like.


Here's the TRUTH:

What do all the high achievers, entrepreneurs, and business owners that are killing it have in common?

They all have momentum.

Not just that, they know how to quickly and consistently get it back when they lose it.

From small, local businesses... all the way up to the giants. Me personally? I have experienced both.

I used to be stuck for weeks, months even... and found myself feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions! It wasn't until I created a proven process to quickly get back in the flow and consistently keep my momentum going that I really started to have fun.
Suddenly I knew exactly what to do and actually enjoyed doing it!

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In 7 Days You'll Have Made A Quantum Leap In Your Life...

The best part? We will address your n°1 resistance right away so that you get momentum in the first 48h AND you will learn how to easily sustain it in the future withOUT relying on willpower, which means you'll be unstoppable! What if it was easy to do the things that matter? 
That's what this challenge is designed to do!

Here's How
It Works

It's 0% (long boring) theory, 100% (easy fun) action!
Every day for 7 days  I'll walk you through the easy-to-implement micro-action steps of the day to build and sustain unstoppable momentum without relying on willpower.

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This is NOT going to be a "ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL" approach like every other training out there teaching how to be productive...

Instead, we're going to leverage my #1 secret about self-image (that took me years to figure out) so that you don't only get things done during the challenge but BECOME a person who is naturally crushing it every single day moving forward...


Most courses out there you’d pay 5000€ or more don’t deliver even CLOSE to the value you’re about to get…for a FRACTION of that price!

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SO.. Let Me Ask You.. Do You Want A Breakthrough In 48h AND Have A Proven Process To Easily Sustain Momentum Moving Forward Without Relying On Willpower?

Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Others Have To Say...

"After two sessions already this backpack was completely gone, it vanished and got resolved. I don’t have to look back again. It helped a lot in my business to be able to more easily get to my skills".

Jorg Verhoeven Bon

"Isaac is a very good coach in helping you to perform at your best because he is linking good feelings to your focus points. I can see what he is doing because I have 25 years of experience in resolving trauma".

Hans Velders

Here's What You'll Get With The
High Achiever Momentum Challenge

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7-Day Quantum Leap Masterclass

Uncover the strategies behind remarkable breakthroughs, igniting momentum within 48 hours, even if you have been stuck for years.

Learn how to effortlessly establish winning habits that stick to sustain excellence every single day without willpower.

Master the transformative technique of replacing limiting beliefs with a resolute positive self-image, unlocking total confidence in any situation.

1999€ Value


Achiever's Vault

060-6x9-Book-Boxset-Small-Spine-Mockup-COVERVAULT (1).png

Unlock Your Ultimate Success Arsenal:

The Intention Process: Harness the Power of Purposeful Focus.

✓ Beyond Belief: Master Your Belief System (Self-Image & World View).

✓ Transformation Rapide (fr): Experience A Breackthrough within 48h.

Emberscape Charisma Meditation: Ignite Your Magnetic Presence.

Habits That Stick: Imprint Indestructible Habits for Sustained Success.

...and much more! Get instant access to all these life-changing processes in one exclusive hub. 

865€ Value


The simulation

Mockup copy (1).png

A process to understand and create situations and states by rapidly acquiring winning characteristics and attitudes.

455€ Value


Video Player Mockup (1).png

EmpowerED Neuroplasticity 

Game-Changing Recording: a full 1-Hour coaching session unraveling the secrets to reprogram your nervous system for enjoying sports. Discover the technique to link pleasure to any challenge, making the most difficult tasks a breeze to accomplish.

197€ Value


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6 Hrs Success Coaching Call

Eager to conquer every step of the challenge? Elevate your success with x3 - 2h success calls, led by Isaac himself! Seize this exclusive opportunity to accelerate your progress and achieve remarkable results!

1800€ Value


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Software_Box_Mockup_1 (1).png
Mac Pro 2019 Mockup.png
Mockup copy (1).png
060-6x9-Book-Boxset-Small-Spine-Mockup-COVERVAULT (1).png

Total Value = 5 316€
You Invest = ONLY 997€!

Save your spot. This offer is limited to 30 individuals/month.

Here's My Bulletproof Guaranty

Try the ENTIRE THING for 14 FULL days, risk-free! Join the challenge, participate, implement, AND jump on the '1-1 success coaching call'... After completing all of those, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training of its kind, I'll send you all your money back.

That's right. You will even keep access to the challenge's content. All you need to do is to email me your receipt with the title "Bulletproof" and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sounds more than fair?


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