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What if you could embody your new

in 5 days using the Immersion Process

to reach your goals without stress, resistance or fear?


 Do you want to... 

Immersion Process

Embody your desired self in 5 days to achieve your most ambitious goals with absolute certainty without limiting thoughts or insecurities.


 Do you want to... 

...experience a quantum leap?

"Within two days I was making forward progress on something that has been stalled for almost a year".

Stever Robbins - CEO & Executive Productivity

...connect to your power?

"I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I rely on myself more. It is a fast effective method for transformation. It's wonderful".

Elda Dorren - Senior Life Coach

...breakthrough your #1 limit?

"After two sessions already this backpack was completely gone, it vanished and got resolved".

Jorg Verhoeven Bon - Senior Consultant

...perform at your best?

"Isaac is a very good coach in helping you to perform at your best because he is linking good feelings to your focus points.

Hans Velders - CEO

... in just 5 days?

My name is Isaac

This is my invitation for you to experience something I call the "Immersion Process".

Because you answered "YES" to any of the questions above I know something about you...

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS...

And you know that the right way to do it is by becoming your desired self!

Dynamique__4_-removebg-preview (2).png

But, a few simple things are holding you back... and it isn't happening as quickly as you'd like.

Which is why I am offering this coaching!

Who it's for?

Your skills and accomplishments speak volumes. Experts in your field and those highly respected consistently acknowledge your excellence. Personal and professional growth are your allies, propelling you to independently dominate your field and achieve exceptional success. Creativity and innovation are your driving forces, as you aspire to create your own world and make a meaningful impact. You envision a life filled with rich social interactions, flexibility, belonging, multilingualism, and financial stability. 


However, a few simple things are holding you back from achieving your aspirations as quickly as you'd like. You grapple with insecurities, the fear of not being capable enough to meet ambitious goals lingers, and concerns about financial stability persist despite a commendable income. Your drive for dominance, fueled by a fear of mediocrity, contrasts with the strong need for recognition, creating a complex internal dynamic.


Despite seeking help through therapy, you might still occasionally struggle with depression, fear of judgment, and difficulty in relationships. Procrastination continues to impact your productivity and well-being. While you desire stability, acceptance, and a sense of accomplishment, a competitive streak threatens to isolate you from others. Creativity beckons, and you sense that your potential is vast, yet the journey isn't unfolding as swiftly as you'd like.

What are you going to get?

Day 1: Removing your #1 blind spots

Day 2: Finding leverage

Day 3: Crafting your future self

Day 4: Imprinting new beliefs

Day 5: Embodying your future self now

Bulletproof guaranty

Experience the entire program for a full 14 days, completely risk-free. Engage in the '1-1 success coaching call', implement the strategies, and actively participate in the accountability call. After completing all these components, if you do not get the results you want, we will refund your entire investment.

That's right! You will even keep access to the 5-day intensive content. All you need to do is to email me your receipt with the title "Bulletproof" and we'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sounds more than fair? Book a free strategy call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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