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3 things you can do to immediately get back in the flow

Dernière mise à jour : 26 oct. 2022

Is it possible to quickly stop procrastinating on your important project?

It is and I am about to prove it. Here are 3 things you can do to immediately get back in the flow when you notice that you are losing time:

FIRST: find out the unmet emotional need.

It was a Monday evening in Lyon, I was sitting at my desk tormented by dark thoughts. I thought about launching an email campaign for weeks, but also trusted the little voices in my head that kept telling me, "I will do it when I have more time, know more about the topic, feel inspired, achieve x,y, z or get closer to the deadline".

If you suspect that listening to these voices is a fantastic time waster you are right. Turns out they are all BS!

The truth is that I procrastinated because I believed launching the campaign would be painful: I was scared people would criticize me.

My unmet emotional need was appreciation. To find out why you procrastinate, connect to your feelings and ask yourself :

Q1: What unwanted thing do I fear will happen?

Q2: What do I need in this specific situation?

SECOND: remove internal resistances.

I was afraid of criticisms because I was convinced my email campaign was pushy and nobody would be interested.

If you are not taking effective action, there is always a good reason: internal resistances. They consist of sneaky limiting beliefs and negative emotional imprints.

You can learn more about how to remove them for good on my website.

THIRD: consider your need as important and meet it.

After I removed my internal resistances I decided to meet my need for myself. I analyzed my emails and kept editing them until I felt a deep sense of appreciation.

Often, we are not even aware of what our emotional needs are so we ignore them. That's precisely what pushes us out of flow.

I sent out the campaign that evening and made a sell the next day.

To conclude, when you want to stop procrastinating:

1 - Bring light to the unmet need that cause you to procrastinate.

2 - Remove internal resistances.

3 - Meet the need to get back in the flow immediately.

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