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3 tips to make difficult decisions easy

1 - clarify your intention.

Changing your intention will immediately change your decision in a given situation.

A person who has the intention to "not lose a deal" will make different choices than a person who has the intention to "get the deal".

Clarify your intention to make sure that it comes from a place of abundance rather than lack.

Here are 4 greats intentions I use daily:

a) - the intention to connect.

b) - the intention to do what is good for me AND the other(s).

c) - the intention to do what is good for the other(s) AND myself.

d) - the intention to share value.

2 - write down your thought process.

We are often so trapped in our heads that we go in circles: reacting to our thoughts without examining them.

Writing down what you think and feel on paper makes it easy to spot logical fallacies in your thinking and take a step backward.

3 - use your heart.

On the spiritual level, a wrong decision always feels unnatural and heavy in the heart.

If you feel unsettled do a little introspection to discover why and change your approach until you feel 100% aligned with your choice.

Decision making is part of a larger picture: mastering your mind.

Click here to discover the secret of an unstoppable mindset.

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