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4 main areas that control your productivity

The silent killers of productivity: contradictions.

The human being is an incredibly complex system. In an effort to simplify for this article I would suggest that there are 4 main areas that control your productivity:

Your identity

Your thoughts

Your emotions

Your actions

You can think of these areas as traffic lights. Whenever you want to do something it can either be green light or red light.

For example, I feel excited about buying this candy (my emotions give me the green light) but I doubt that it is good for my health (my thoughts give me the red light) so what should I do now?

Well, it depends on the others factors like my identity. If I identify as an unhealthy eater, I will choose the candy. If I identify as a healthy eater, I will refuse the candy.

Now think about an important goal of yours.


Your identity - red

Your thoughts - green

Your emotions - green

Your actions - green

Result: you are going to almost succeed then suddenly self sabotage. Sounds familiar?


Your identity - green

Your thoughts - red

Your emotions - red

Your actions - green

Result: you are going to succeed, but slowly and painfully due to doubts and negative feelings.

I am not going to write down all the options because there are 16 and it is a bit too long but you get the idea.

So how to switch all the lights to green?

You need a way to align your self image, thoughts, emotions and actions to your desired outcome.

Introducing IMMERSION.

It is a process that I designed to do exactly that in record time, and which has been proven to be effective again and again with many different people.

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