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How I rewired my nervous system response from pain to pleasure.

Dernière mise à jour : 24 oct. 2022

New years resolutions are famous for being near impossible to keep.

Hopefully this doesn't not apply to me anymore.

In the midst excruciating procrastination I suddenly found an unexpected solution. Here is the story of how i did it and how you can do it as well:

I always hated doing things I "had" to do but didn't want to do. I remember in school I absolutely hated doing the homework and would often wait for the pressure of the deadline to get super high. When the pain of imagining the bad consequences of not doing the homework was higher than the pain of doing it I would finally rush them. Being motivated by pain for doing the things I hated but feel forced to do was a torture. But the problem didn't stop with school.

For years I wanted to be consistent with my sport schedule but didn't do it. Do you know why? That's right, I didn't enjoyed it. Running? Nope. Lifting weights? Nope. Swimming? Nope. What I wanted however was to be in shape and at ease in my body. For year this inner conflict left me doing irregular sport routine with a body I contently disliked. Until one day everything suddenly changed.

I stoped wanting to be in shape. No just kidding ^^. I asked myself what exactly I didn't like when doing pushups and I realized that I had associated pain to effort. So I decided to only do the part I wanted and I stopped just before doing any effort. Not very glorious but hey, I didn't though I would share this story on internet. Doing this had an unexpected effect: I started to associate pleasure with doing sport. When the association became strong enough a second unexpected thing happened: I started to love the effort. I had rewired my nervous system response from pain to pleasure. On my website you can learn more about how to do the same thing for your specific situation.

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