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I was ranked 35th/100 000 000 in the world.

Dernière mise à jour : 26 oct. 2022

The competitive game Mini Militia has over 100 million downloads.

I was ranked 35th in the world.

Even though I was proud of this accomplishment I couldn't say that I was doing much else with my life.

And the fact that it was my automatic response to stress and overwhelm didn't make things easier.

It has been months I tried to launch my business, but every time I had to interact with the outside word, I found myself playing this damn game again.

I wanted to find a solution to dethrone my couch potato championship with an accomplishment I would be proud on my deathbed, but it wasn't as easy as I originally though.

Lying down on my sofa, after God know how many month of failing at changing this habit, I was exasperated to finally arrive to the conclusion that, "habits are fuc*** hard to change"!

"Why am I doing this? Why am I sabotaging myself like that?" I though. "There MUST be a good reason".

This is when it clicked!

What I loved the most about playing Mini Militia was the feeling of excelling at something: brilliantly winning the game, diligently noting on a piece of paper how my enemies were defeating me to use their strategies against them.

All I had to do was to be excellent at something else and to choose this new activity as a default response!

I decided to master the emotional and intellectual triggers that regulates the quality of our life as my new favorite game.

Did it work?

After helping my first client get rid of a childhood trauma she was battling for over 50 years and now helping high achievers to get things done in a state of flow by removing internal resistances, I can say that the same tactic has reliably worked with many different people:

To change a habit:

1) Find what need it fulfills (what do you like most about it)?

2) Focus on an even more pleasant and healthier way to fulfill it.

3) Remove internal resistances (like limiting beliefs) to facilitate change.

So here was my story, but what about you? What is the 1 habit you would like to change the most?

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