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Our mind is a space in which whatever is created can be materialized.

Everything ever created by man was first born in his mind:

- the Eiffel Tower

- the Great Wall of China.

- the Taj Mahal.

Our mind is a space in which whatever is created can be materialized.

So it is important to cut out the weeds and cultivate beautiful thoughts.

I view it like a golf ball. Every little facet is an idea, and the collection of all these ideas represent our subjective reality.

It encompasses:

- our dreams.

- who we think we are.

- who we think other are.

- what things mean.

- how we predict the future.

- what we feel and think about our memories.

- what we believe is impossible and possible.

- what we believe we shouldn't and should do.

- etc.

Understanding the subjective reality of a person is viewing reality through that person's eyes.

Technically we can do a lot. For example if we consider our body as a machine and we program its mind with a software for success, there is little you cannot do that the most successful people of our world have done throughout history.

So the critical piece is the software, the mind, and how it is structured.

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