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The strangest experience

This morning I had the strangest experience.

I was researching on ways to improve my current process (Immersion) when I got an idea.

If you are not familiar with the process it is basically an embodiment of your perfect self and how he thinks, feels and acts.

But I had a problem: it was hard to retain the avatar's thoughts and feelings for long, so I was looking for ways to make them stick.

Through the day I thought, "what would this avatar think, feel and do in my current situation"?

It was breakfast time and I wanted to go to the bakery. I immediately grabbed my blazer, "weird, I rarely do that" I thought.

Then I witnessed the tone of my voice was different when I spoke to the baker. I felt different too: more peaceful and a strange sense of clarity and wellbeing. To my surprise the people in the store interacted with me instead of ignoring me.

My sense of self was challenged and it was weird.

It's when it hit me: I realized that who I am so sure to be is just the identification of my ego to certain characteristics.

Because if you are able to emulate what your ideal self identifies as, feel, think and do, what is the difference between him and you?

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