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Be empowered, get unstuck
and live the life you love

Remove 1 traumatic memory in 1 month by focusing on 1 key action to
have a light heart even if you have been stuck for years.

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Who it's for

Transformation Rapide is for you if you are an adept of personal development and wish to remove a traumatic memory. If this is you, you probably encounter the following problems:

  • You feel stuck and keep re-living the same kind of painful situation again and again. Despite your efforts to progress you feel like an invisible wall is blocking you.

  • You experience one or more limiting emotions on a recurring basis - stress, shame, the fear of abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betray, injustice, overwhelm, hurt etc.

  • You witness a lack in one domain of your life but inner resistances are preventing you to fulfill it or you don't know what to do.


  • Remove 1 traumatic memory in 1 month to have a light heart.

  • Shape a positive self-image with high self-esteem and confidence.

  • Get a step-by-step process to get unstuck from any situation quickly.​​

  • Bonus 1: Discover how to use the power of intention to get to your goals easily.

  • Bonus 2: Get a step-by-step process to reprogram your nervous system and enjoy sport.




​Isaac Teyssier is a researcher who privileges practical experience and synthesizes it into processes to replicate it in other areas.

At 14 years old he traveled alone to India for 4 years to study science and learn Heartfulness meditation.

He loves art, non-fiction books, meditation and values understanding and clarity. 



How to find and execute effortlessly your 
1 key action to get unstuck immediately

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  • Step 1: Learn how to communicate with your emotions in a secure environnement.

  • Step 2: Clearly define the stuck situation.

  • Step 3: Find your primary need.

  • Step 4: Send a clear message to your brain that the situation is resolved.

  • Step 5: Attain a state of unconditional love for yourself relative to the stuck situation.

  • Step 6: Decide to change the stuck situation.

  • Step 7: Focus on 1 simple key action to get where you want.

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Coaching: Individual coaching session during 1 month.

Synthesis: Personalized recapitulative sheet after each session.

Method: Tool box with all the exercices and frameworks of Transformation Rapide.

Support: Jump on a call to get your questions answered when needed during 30 days.


If you are an adept of personal development and are interested in being more alive and empowered - transform 1 stuck situation in 1 month by focusing on 1 key action -
Schedule a call using the calendar bellow and you will be contacted to see if Transformation Rapide is a good fit for you. If you have any question, email:


Transformation Rapide par Isaac Teyssier


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