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5 bridges between subjective and objective reality

Dernière mise à jour : 26 oct. 2022

Let's face it: we do not perceive reality directly and it can make things go awry pretty quickly.

Here are 5 bridges between our subjective and objective reality:


a) We tend to go toward what is familiar even if it is harmful.

b) We tend to go away from what is unfamiliar even if it is helpful.


a) We assign meaning to observations.

b) We look for clue to confirm the existing meaning we assigned to our observations.

c) The meaning we give to our observations tend to confirm our existing beliefs.


a) We accept what we believe to be worthy of even if we don't want it.

b) We reject reject what we believe to be unworthy of even if we want it.


a) We tend to focus on what is negative to avoid immediate danger.

b) We see more and more of what we focus on.

c) Our conscious mind can only hold a limited amount of data at once.

d) We can only make a conscious decision from know data.

e) Our decisions dictate our actions.

f) Our actions dictate our results.


a) Clarity encourages conscious action.

b) Doubt inhibits conscious action.

c) We can only sustain continuous conscious action when we have clarity.

It is pretty easy to imagine how things can go horribly wrong for someone who is not in control of his subjective reality. Go to my website to learn how to master it.

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